Ice Cream - Pint - Bird Dog Becky - (6/case)

1 Pint Unit Size | 6 Per Case

Made using our creamline milk to give a decadent finish, Bird Dog Becky is truly unique. With flavor-filled bits of real pecans, chocolate chips, and even marshmellows, you'll want a whole pint to yourself.

Ice Cream - Pint - Bird Dog Becky - (6/case)Ice Cream - Pint - Bird Dog Becky - (6/case)Ice Cream - Pint - Bird Dog Becky - (6/case)




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Rock House creamline ice cream flavors are carefully developed and selected as a tribute to some of our favorite comfort foods and southern treats.

All our ice cream starts with creamline whole milk, which comes from pastured cows that produce a milk high in butterfat. Creamline milk is not homogenized so the cream layer rises to the top. That, plus low-temp pasteurization of our cows milk, makes Rock House milk as close to natural as it comes. The result is a decadently creamy texture paired with a rich buttery flavor, perfect for making ice cream.

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