Creamline Milk - Buttermilk - Half Gallon - (9/case)

1/2 Gallon Unit Size | 9 Per Case

Super fresh, minimally processed creamline milk with high butter fat that's been bottled and delivered in less than 48 hours for the freshest product possible. The texture? Decadently creamy. The taste? Rich and buttery. Shake well before enjoying.

Creamline Milk - Buttermilk - Half Gallon - (9/case)Creamline Milk - Buttermilk - Half Gallon - (9/case)




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The basis for truly phenomenal dairy products is great tasting milk. At Rock House Creamery all our products start with creamline whole milk which comes from pastured cows that produce a milk high in butterfat. Creamline milk is not homogenized so the cream layer rises to the top. That, plus low-temp pasteurization of our cows milk, makes Rock House milk as close to natural as it comes. The result is a decadently creamy texture paired with a rich buttery flavor.

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