Calyroad Feta

6 oz block of Calyroad Feta in each pack

Brined and aged approximately three weeks, this cheese is lemony and bright with a soft texture and lower salt.

Calyroad Feta




Additional Information

Our fresh and aged cheeses are handcrafted in small batches each day using only the highest quality ingredients. Our cows are born and raised on our farm, so we have our hands on the entire process.

Genetics and diet make all the difference. A three-way cross, our cows produce a high-butterfat milk, exceptional for cheese making. Plus, our cows are pastured year-round. Rock House Creamery aged wheels are crafted using a vegetable rennet. Our cheesemakers handturn and rub each wheel until it develops a natural rind.

In 2020, Rock House Creamery welcomed CalyRoad as the newest member of its family. CalyRoad at Rock House Creamery continues the legacy of making the finest goat and cow’s milk cheeses. Started in 2009 by Robin Schick and her sister on a 16-acre goat dairy in West Georgia, the passion of creating artisan cheeses continues today in Newborn, Georgia.

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Delivery Information

Our cheese makers hand select and pack each cheese to ensure ultimate freshness and quality.

Orders will be processed within seventy-two (72) hours of the time the order is placed, not including Friday, Saturday, Sunday or holidays.

Cheeses are shipped out frozen in insulated boxes and packed with dry ice, which can evaporate, or cold packs. If you receive your shipment and there is no dry ice, but the product is cold, your items are perfectly safe to eat. All orders of perishable products are shipped at the speed that ensures they arrive at the proper temperature.


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