Stone Ground Grits

Three 1 lb bags or one 5 lb bag of Stone Ground Grits

Our grits are made from Hickory King, an heirloom yellow corn developed in Appalachia in the 1800s. Grown on the farm in Leesburg, Georgia, they're ground fresh daily with our modern stone grist mill. You'll find that our grits take a little longer to cook, but we promise their delicious taste is worth the wait!

Stone Ground GritsStone Ground GritsStone Ground Grits




Additional Information

We started our heirloom corn crop from a few handfuls of Hickory King corn, a variety of yellow corn developed in Appalachia in the 1800s. We have a grist mill at Farmview Market in Madison, Georgia where we mill the corn each week to produce fresh and flavorful grits and cornmeal.

The king of corn

Delivery Information

Grits and grains are shipped separately from meats and cheese, as they don’t require refrigeration. If your order contains grain and meats or cheeses, then you can expect to receive two or more packages which may not arrive on the same day.

Upon receiving your order, store grains at room temperature. They’ll soon be a pantry staple!


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