Rock House Creamery

Good things take time, and at Rock House Creamery we believe in taking that extra time to make our dairy products the old-fashionedand the bestway. 

The process begins with the cows themselves who spend the majority of their day grazing in pasture. Our forage and irrigation specialists make sure that we grow just the right grass for their health and enjoyment, and due to modern production conveniences, they are milked for only 30 minutes per day.

The Jersey-Holstein herd at Rock House Creamery spends the rest of their time eating, resting, and socializing. (And looking cute out on the farm!)

Rock House Creamery milk is special in other ways too. The way we process our milk creates creamline milk. Creamline milk is pasteurized but not homogenized, which leads to the high-fat cream layer rising to the top. (Pro tip for enjoying creamline milk: give it a good shake before drinking!) 

The A2 Milk Difference

This is the most natural form of milk, superior in both taste and nutritional value. We also use low temperature pasteurization, which preserves gut-friendly bacteria as well as maintaining the delicious fresh flavor of the milk. 

We decided to take it one step further and transition our previously A1 herd to an A2 herd. To get a bit technical, A1 and A2 are genetic variants of B-casein proteins. Historically, dairy cows were mostly comprised of the A1 protein type. Over time and through commercialization and cross breeding, the A1/A2 genetic variation came to be, and most commercially raised cows today contain both protein types. 

Though time consuming, we decided to make the full transition to A2A2 after scientific studies showed that it is the most nutritionally beneficial form of milk for our bodies. There is also much anecdotal evidence and some research to suggest that cows containing only A2 proteins produce milk that can be consumed and enjoyed by people with lactose sensitivities who’ve likely avoided dairy products. 

At Rock House Creamery we make quality milk that is healthy, tastes delicious and is produced using humane animal treatment and environmental sustainability. We love to do the research, the hard work, and the fun of dairy farming so customers can feel good about choosing our milk for their family.