Rock House Farm

Rock House Farm began in 2005, with our owner Keith Kelly’s vision of a local grassfed cattle operation pairing traditional farming methods with new advances in regenerative agriculture to bring customers the best beef possible. We’ve grown to include more animals, more crops, and more products over the years, but our beef cattle is where it all started for us and what holds a special place in our hearts! 

From the Ground Up

Raising cattle always begins with growing good grass. As Rock House Farm developed, we worked with University of Georgia forage specialists to design an ideal grazing system that utilizes center pivot irrigation. This allows us to grow hearty green grasses on a year-round basis and gives our herd the benefit of a varied and nutrient-rich diet in both the warm and cool seasons—a huge benefit. Our farm’s focus on optimal forage helps produce incredible flavor and tenderness, and our skilled butchers use minimal processing to ensure the freshest burgers, steaks, roasts, and other cuts.

Stars of the Show

The Rock House Farm beef cattle herd originated with a unique cross between Devon and Angus cattle. Along the way we developed trusted quality farm partners, and now primarily source local yearling cattle and finish them here on the farm. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used, and we are committed to creating a low-stress environment for the cows, as humane treatment added to their quality of life and results in the best quality beef for you and your family to enjoy as nourishment. If you drive by Rock House Farm on any given day, you will see happy cows passing their days soaking up the sun and grazing on grass—the best way we know how to raise them.

Why We Do It

Rock House Farm grass-fed and grass-finished beef is simply delicious. We put a tremendous amount of care and dedication into our herd and our land, and customers can taste the difference in every bite. We are always working to better provide for our families and yours. Being able to raise cattle and produce high-quality beef products is our way of helping give back to the community and to celebrate the animals and earth in the ways they were meant to be celebrated. We hope you can see the attention and care we have for this process throughout any experience you share with us!